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We have not…

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We have not touched the stars

nor are we forgiven.

~Richard Siken, Snow and Dirty Rain



Since the stars have fallen…

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Stars_by_DerTyrannSince the stars have fallen from heaven and our highest symbols have pales, a secret life holds sway in the unconscious.  That is why we have psychology today, and why we speak of the unconscious. All this would be quite superfluous in an age or culture that possessed symbols. Symbols are spirit from above, and under those conditions the spirit is above too.  Therefore it would be a foolish and senseless undertaking for such people to wish to experience or investigate an unconscious that contains nothing but silent, undisturbed sway of nature.  Our unconscious, on the other hand, hides living water, spirit that has become nature, and that is why it is disturbed.  Heaven has become for us the cosmic space of the physicians, and the divine empyrean a fair memory of things that once were.  But “the heart glows,” and a secret unrest gnaws at the roots of our being.

~from The Nature and Activity of the Psyche, by C.G. Jung

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…with golden light…

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Why you are so beautiful with golden light…
your hair, your hair, shines like beams from a sun…

I can’t help but smile.
She takes my hand.

But wait, wait…watch where you step…we must step
for the stars can only hold holy weight…

I say that I’m not sure my weight is holy.
I suddenly wish I could go with her.
She’s so happy, uninhibited. I want to see what she sees,
feel what she feels, my hand
in hers.

We step carefully on the garden path,
step only where she tells me,
each tentative foot on a flat rock on the path…

I wonder if there are actual stars beneath my feet?

Can you feel it, my golden friend?
Can you dig it?

Yes, I can. I knew you could.

note: this piece of writing was in one of my too many notebooks…
it could be inspired by Anais Nin’s doors of perception….I do not remember
who wrote it, if I did, or whoever…does this ever happen to you? I’d ask don’t you hate when
it does, yet, I sort of like the mystery of it all…

Image: Asil3

The stars come up spinning…

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The stars come up spinning
every night, bewildered in love.
They’d grow tired
with that revolving, if they weren’t .
They’d say,
“How long do we have to do this!”

God picks up the reed-flute world and blows.
Each note is a need coming through one of us,
a passion, a longing-pain.

Remember the lips
where the wind-breath originated,
and let your note be clear.
Don’t try to end it.
Be your note.
I’ll show you how it’s enough.

Go up on the roof at night
in this city of the soul.

Let everyone climb on their roofs
and sing their notes!

Sing loud!

–from EACH NOTE by Rumi

Photo sources: Stars – digital art by Phantom-Seraph
Lips  by Ryan Love Lace Photo

Universal Spirals

Posted in Science with tags , , , on October 13, 2008 by Mj Rains

On this day, October 13th, in 1773, French astronomer Charles Messier discovered the Whirlpool Galaxy, an interacting grand-design spiral galaxy located at a distance of approximately 23 million light years in the constellation Canes Venatici.

The Whirlpool Galaxy became the first galaxy to be recognized as a spiral.  A black hole, surrounded by a ring of dust, is thought to exist at the heart of the spiral.  It is one of the most famous spiral galaxies in the sky and can be easily observed by amateur astonomers, and may even be seen with binoculars. 

This is just a little reminder of how small we really are.

Source: Widipedia Free Encyclopedia

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