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The end of the smiles…

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jon-and-ygritteFor when the hero stormed on through the bowers of love,

each heartbeat meant for him lifted him past itself;

already turned away, he stood at the end of the smiles,


-Rilke, The Sixth Elegy
Image: Jon Snow and Ygitte, Game of Thrones

Another fine season ends

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I am so ready for the finale episode of Season 5 of Game of Thrones tonight….

Questions that currently remain: Will Daenerys ever get off that dragon? What’s Jon Snow going to fucking do with all those Wildling people ( like, feed them how? Where will they sleep tonight? Etc. ) Will that wicked queen remain in her perfect accommodations? And will someone, someone!, just finally kill that red haired priestess witch before she kills another innocent person to serve her lord of light? (Perfect example of why religious fanatics shouldn’t run countries, wars, or anything for that matter…)

 One thing is perfectly clear to me…
All those Wildling people seem to think Jon Snow is quite pretty ( and seem to have a subtle fascination with his cock…)

I think I do too…

Winter is Coming…

Winter is coming…

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Clearly Sherlocked….

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clearly sherlockedYes, I am Clearly Sherlocked.  So ready for Season 3 premier of BBC’s Sherlock series tonight on PBS… 9:58 pm baby!

I must confess, I watched the first episode of new season online, but that will not hinder the Sherlock party plans. Plus, if you are a fan of this show you already know, you have to watch at least a second time to catch all the cleaver dialogue that leaves this man’s mouth.  Oh, and of course, he faked the fall…and you find out how. Don’t miss the first few minutes. Mind blowing and fun.

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Nip Tuck scene rings a bell…

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211229__tuck_lLast night on Nip Tuck, my guilty pleasure in TV world, Dr. Sean, for the second time this season tries to off himself…this time in such a way that I found myself sitting there with my mouth open…not because I was shocked (which is usually the case with some of this show) but because one of the writers of the show has been no doubt  scouring the news or blogging scene…or it could be just coincidence…or it would be my own wit’s end crazy parallel conclusion…but this was the scene. 

After dumping his dead wife’s ashes (a whole other long, creepy story) in garbage can on a beach in California, our dear doctor looks out at the ocean for a while on this sunny evening. Then he slowly takes off his clothes, neatly folding each piece, suit jacket, pants, shirt, underwear, and places them on the life guard bench, his shoes, lastly, on top of it all, and walks naked into the sea, plunging in and swimming out, out, out…

The scene ends…

So my brain quickly makes the connection with Jeremy Blake’s suicide, for those who haven’t guessed what I was getting to. Call my crazy, but if anything, the writers of the TandJ movie might be a little pissed…I know I would be.

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