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a very, very, mad world…

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I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad.
The dreams in which I’m dying
are the best I ever had.
I find it hard to tell you
’cause I find it hard to take.
When people run in circles
it’s a very, very
mad world…
a mad world.

–Mad World, lyrics by Tears for Fears

So I had this dream the other night…

I was driving my car, the moon roof open (I couldn’t shut it, though I tried) to this town I had to go back to….a desolate place, where everything was dark, black, or shades of gray. The houses, the buildings were partially in ruins, yet still standing…waiting.  A profound sense of emptiness loomed, entered the space of my car, an emptiness of silence, loss, desolation, isolation, desperation.

I stopped the car in the middle of the street, no worries about blocking traffic, there was none. My cousin Chris with the darkest long black hair got out of the car too. She held out this piece of saffron silk and said, I’m going to check out the store, see if she can do anything with this.

Is that from the bridesmaid’s dresses? I asked. She nodded, said to meet her at her apartment and disappeared into the thick of things. I felt alone. I drove on to what was left of her apartment building. What had happened here? Why is everything so dark, so gray? I realized that the entire place had somehow been robbed of all its color, like a color photograph changed to black and white, a thing I can do with my computer. Had someone changed this town, this world to black and white?

Her apartment was intact, mostly, except for part of the roof, which let in the non-illuminating light from the dim sky. I checked her refrigerator. Everything was cold, but no light went on. I climbed up the spiral iron stairs that let to the loft space where a bed was. (Mind you, this is not my cousin’s place…totally new to me…I’m not sure how my mind even created it).  While I’m up there a large white dog comes into the apartment’s living room below. He looks up at me and starts climbing the stairs. What to do? A strange large dog coming  my way, so I wait. He looks like a shaggy German Shepherd, perhaps a husky mix. What is so incredible is how large he is; our faces are level with each other when he sits down and I’m five foot eight inches tall.  I let him sniff my hand, like I’d do with any strange dog and he seems to smile at me. I ruff his furry neck, my hands disappear in his thick hair.  I love this dog. He seems to illuminate, glow in front of me. I woke up after that.

What does is all mean?  So I look in my sister-in-law’s dream interpretation book and find some info. Driving a car in dreams represents one’s independence, self-confidence, responsible for life’s decisions. Driving alone may mean feelings of being alone. The stairs; taking steps toward something, going up in life (or down if going down stairs), an opening or widening of awareness to include areas of experience usually avoided.  The spiral stairs, going a round-about way.  The Dog–dogs are expressions of aspects of ourselves, aggression, sexuality, friendship. A dog is pegged as man’s best friend. A dog in dreams can mean devotion to someone or something. In mythology, a dog in this light may represent an inner sense of knowing how to find transformation through the death of some aspect of ourselves.

Yes….it all makes sense to me now….


The Best 80s Songs

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These are top songs of the 80s for me and the list is completely subjective so let this 80s girl have her peace…hope you enjoy.

I Ran  by  A Flock of Seagulls …Perhaps the best 80s song of all time just for the sheer 80s sound. Oh, and the hair, who could forget the spiked hair in the video.

Relax    by Frankie Goes to Hollywood ….Perhaps the second best 80s song of all time.  Just play it: I dare you not to dance (or at least do one of those 80s style head bobs to the beat!)

Pride, In the Name of Love    by U2…..hands down my favorite group of all time. This song, a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. is timeless …and full of the 80s vibe.

Harden My Heart   by Quarterflash ….What ever happened to them? This lead singer could belt it out, with her voice, as well as on the sax!  I love singing this song.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World   by Tears for Fears ….Since Shout is on my all time top songs list, this one we’ll put on the 80s list.  They are by far one of the best groups of the 80s. This video is great by the way.

Don’t You Forget About Me   by Simple Minds …..the only group to hit this list twice for me.  This song is the theme for the classic 80s movie  the Breakfast Club starring Molly Ringwald as well as other wonderful brat pack actors.  Love this song…and love the movie more!

You Got Lucky   by Tom Petty …..probably should be on an 80s rock list…but I just love, love the groove of this blusey 80s hit from 1982.  1982 people!  High school…dare I reveal my age????????

Rock with You   by Michael Jackson ….One of his best songs ever.  His long note at the end makes it worth it all. Miss the 80s Michael.

Hold Me Now   by the Thompson Twins ….Ah, another of my favorite groups of the 80s. I don’t believe twins were involved, however this song is still one of the best for me. Never stopped loving it.

Alive and Kicking  by Simple Minds ….big hit from their album, Once Upon a Time, which is currently in my CD case for whenever I hit the road.  Remember: 80s girl! (see pic below to jog dead memory cells)

Take on Me   by  Ah Ha ….this is perhaps the best video of the 80s and started an interesting trend in film.  A few years ago when my girls were big Jonas Brothers fans the brothers sang this song during a special on TV. The girls couldn’t believe that I knew the words…then I gave my daughter the album.  She still has it. I love that they love some of my music.

Time    by  Culture Club ….Boy George I think had (and still has I’m sure) one of the best singing voices of the 80s. This song proves it.  I actually won tickets to a concert in Philly back then.  It was pretty cool.

Culture Club

Have an 80s fav to share…leave a comment.

My Top Songs

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I was ruminating about my top songs of all time…it was hard to narrow it down to ten since I usually like to note my songs by era, or artist, say; top songs of the 80s or my favorite songs by the Beatles, etc.  This allows one to include all the favs…but for today I want to share the following that have stuck with me (a few since childhood) and continue to make me crank up the stereo when I’m in my car…heard a couple this weekend.

In The Air Tonight  by Phil Collins

One   by U2

Iris   by the Goo Goo Dolls

Shout    by  Tears for Fears

Eleanor Rigby   by  the Beatles

Another Brick in the Wall  –  Pink Floyd

Magic Man    by   Heart

Dream On   by Aerosmith

Crystal  Blue  Persuasion   by Tommy James and the Shondells

Out In The Country   by  Three Dog Night

Albums I Couldn’t Live Without

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Lisa over at Just Under The Surface blogged recently about the top 5 desert island picks for music, and she got me thinking…what music couldn’t I live without…

So here’s  my completely subjective short list:

pink_floyd_-_dark_side_of_the_moonDark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

This is my favorits album of all time and is number one on many best of lists.  Able to enduce its own narcotic state without one having to take a single puff…

Best if listened to from beginning to end, since the songs blend seamlessly…not a bad piece for the rocker who likes to do yoga and meditate…I did to this album once…an etherial experience to say the least.

The Joshua Tree-U2You would think that my favorite band of all time, U2, would be my favorite album choice…My problem is that I love every album and it’s hard to pick one.  The newest, No Line on the Horizon, I would put right up there with the best of their work, but I’d like to pick the ultimate here, so it has to be The Joshua Tree.  Although Tree is perhaps the most depressing of all U2’s albums, it’s lyricism cannot be matched.  Songs like Red Hill Mining Town and A Trip Through Your Wire never made the top 20 song list, but are some of the best songs written by Bono and the gang.  Grammy Awards abound.

SongsFromtheBigChair-Tears For FearsWhat can I say…I’m an 80s girl so I have to include another dynamic 80s album, and a British band that was one of the best at the time:  Tears For Fears — Songs From the Big Chair.  I played this album until I wore out the cassette (yes, we still had cassette players in our cars, kiddies) until I got the CD, which I still carry in my little blue leather CD case.  I know every word to this album, if you can believe it.  The profound lyrics, based on a psychologist’s studies of how fear affects our lives, tells you how to face those fears, demolish them, and live your life…”Only we can…only we can, work it out!”

Beatle - LoveNext pic:  The Beatles: Love.  I love, love, love the Beatles.  The White Album or Let It Be may be their best albums…but for me I love this collection…why not get the best of the best in one shot.  I would have picked The Beatles No.1s, but this album sequences the songs brilliantly taking one on a spiritual Beatle journey.  Eleanor Rigby stops the heart….Later the acoustic version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps will make you “gently weep.” 

Peace…Love…The Beatles…

The Four Seasons - VivaldiA few years ago I was a teaching assistant for my daughter’s violin class and I presented a story about Antonio Vivaldi, much to the fascination of the 6th graders I attended.  Vivaldi was a Catholic priest in Venice, nick-named The Red Priest because of his flaming red hair, where he taught violin and choir to orphaned girls housed at the church.  Unholy he was, however, keeping a young opera-singing mistress on the side while he served masses for the church, of which he was known to leave in the middle of the consecrations of the mass, sometimes not returning, simply because lines to a musical composition struck him and he would leave in order to eradicate it immediately lest he forget later.  He unfortunately was not well known at the time for his music.  He died a pauper, his music unknown, and was buried in an unmarked grave in Italy to which it is said a road was built over.  For some 200, yes, 200 years his works, like The Four Seasons, lay dormant with moths and dust balls in some closet in Venice, until about 60 years ago when they were discovered.    My favorite part of The Four Seasons is Summer.  Have the violin sheet music…but could never play it fast enough as written.

I leave you with a question today:   If you were told that you had only five minutes left to hear for the rest of your life, what song would you want to hear?

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