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Vintage Photo of the Week

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Paul McCartney, 1968

via So60s

Can’t resist this…!…

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More snow yet again today…feeling like this…
This is my favorite arctic wolf shot by Jim Brandenburg …loving the white…

When warmed up these will be great…Michael Kors sandals.

Karen Elson and Jack White…


Italian vogue…


a favorite store…

Snow White by Melyannam at Deviant Art

And we’re back in the white snow again….





Remembering John

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It was 30 years ago today….yes, 30 years, hard to believe,
that some loser came up to the Beatles legend and asked him
to simply sign his album cover.
John Lennon obliged. A nice guy he was.
A few hours later that same loser….well, you know the rest,
and the world lost one of the greatest thought-provoking musicians of our time.

Today The Wit Continuum remembers John Lennon.
October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980.

Imagine all the people…
Living life in peace…

Hope you are still imagining….wherever you are…


Portrait: Schimmel Art

A Day in The Life

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John Lennon’s  A Day in The Life fetched $1.2m.

The double-sided sheet of paper with notes written in felt marker and blue ink was sold at Sotheby’s in New York.

The lyric sheet also contains some corrections and other notes penned in red ink.

The song – co-written with Paul McCartney – is the final track on the band’s 1967 Sgt Pepper album.

The buyer was an anonymous American telephone bidder. The lyric sheet had previously belonged to Mal Evans, the Beatles’ road manager.

According to the auction house, the previous record for a sale of Beatles lyrics was All You Need Is Love, which fetched $1m (£655,450) in 2005.

Rolling Stone magazine listed A Day in the Life at number 26 in its compilation of the greatest 500 songs of all time. The album went on to win four Grammy awards.
More here…

Ah….my favorite Beatles’ song.

Article: BBC news

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