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Only A God or A Woman…

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“The Koh-i-Noor diamond was mined in India in around 1100 and probably originated from Golconda in the southern region of Andhra Pradesh. The shape and size of a small hen’s egg, the diamond attained a sinister mystique…

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Chimney Sweeping…

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The symptoms of Bertha Pappenheim and the explication of memories or “the talking cure” in psychology…

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Myomancy…divination by the movements of mice…

The Wit of the Staircase
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Sad Day – Remembering Theresa

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Today marks the second anniversaryof the death of Theresa Duncan, the inspiration of The Wit Continuum.  She was a great story writer, a film maker, and a creator of video games.  Theresa became an icon in the blogging world.  Her blog, The Wit of the Staircase, lives on in cyber-space, a reminder of what the truest wit can achieve in thought and writing (and interesting photo finds).  It became Theresa’s  final call in an esoteric, yet strangely sad, life.  It was too short, Theresa.  We would have liked to see more.  Why you gave up, we will never know, but in some infinitesimal way, I understand.  You left a haunting story behind…it will not die for a long time, if ever. Which is part of why I write here;  keeping  the candle burning, keeping the links alive.

What drew me first to her story was an article called Folie A Deux written for California Style shortly after Theresa’s death.  (Full article is in my Pages).   I’ve always been drawn stories that have me think:  one could not write a fiction better than this.  An inexplicable suicide of a glamorous, intelligent artist who was so young (only 40) and seemed to have a beautiful bohemian life, certainly had a beautiful love.  What made this story even more haunting was that seven days after her suicide by overdose of sleeping medication and alcohol, Theresa’s lover of 12 years, digital artist Jeremy Blake, took his own life by drowning himself in the Atlantic Ocean.  The deep probing question of why has been prevalent for two years now.


Theresa was an intelligent, exceptional writer, who made connections that none can fathom.  Her blog shows this clearly.  I enjoyed purveying it so much, she inspired me to start The Wit Continuum last September.  Some of her blogging style I have adopted, as you can see, but I notice it a lot of the blogs I’ve touched upon in the past year who have also loved and written about Theresa as well.  Spiraling my own thoughts and interesting stories, books, or ideas that I find, as well as writing about the fair Ms. Duncan, has been a source of joy for me, a challenge. 

Paranoid delusions and scientology conspiracies aside, Her story will never die.   One of my goals is to keep the speculation alive.  With a film about Theresa and Jeremy in the works right now, I think we’ll have more to blog about for years to come. 

Peace Theresa…wherever you are.

Theresa Duncan Memorial Film

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To all of us who are Duncan-ologists, that esoteric group who have become obsessive fans of Theresa Duncan’s life and her blog The Wit of the Staircase, and to the other children of the staircase, Mary Duncan, Theresa’s mother has posted on the blog site a memorial film that was played at Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake’s memorial.  With much excitement, we’ve been hopelessly trying to view the film, only to get a black emptiness in the window that opens. 

In any case, it is supposed to feature some footage of a film called “Charlotte Goes Swimming” of which Theresa starred in the lead role. 

We are sincerely hoping the problem with the broadcast of this film finds a solution.  Longing to see the enigmatic personality that her mother, Mary, has promised to show in her honor.

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