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Another book…another scare…

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Yes, I know, Halloween is well over, and I was late in picking up a good scary read for the season….but I have to say I’m not disappointed.  Let the Right One In is the scariest read since Duma Key by Stephen King.  Writer John Ajvide Lindqvist has been proclaimed the King of Sweden. I can see why. This is a true vampire story without the sickening crap, smoldering glares, and teen drama trauma to hinder its brilliance.

Though the story left some mysterious mysteries hanging….like that strange gold egg puzzle of Eli’s and what ever happened to the intern guy who got half eaten…he should have perhaps attacked quite a few people in the morgue later….

So it wasn’t prefect, had a lot of extra detail, but the last half of the book is so frightening we don’t care a wit.  The extra sexuality I can do without. It was unnecessary to enhance the story.

Yet to see either Swedish or American versions of Let Me In….will fill you in when I get my wits up see it.

I leave you now with the opening text of Part Five: Let the Right One Slip In:

Let the right one in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go
They cannot do
What you want them to do

– Morrissey, “Let the Right One Slip In”


Of Mirrors and myth…

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“The ancients attributed mystic powers to any reflective surface, solid or liquid, because the reflection was considered part of the soul.”  It was taboo to disturb waters on which a person’s reflection was present.  Shattering their image was considered damaging to the soul.  Thus, our breaking a mirror equals seven years of bad luck, a creepy notion I believed in as a child but since have put aside.

Narcissus, the fabled self-love obsessed nymph, has been misinterpreted to be a dude who could not get enough of his own reflection, and so pined away and died (or did he fall in and drown?).  Echo was the Goddess of death-by-water, who lay in wait to seize one’s reflection-soul, a belief among the Africans and Melanesians.

It is also believed that a soul can become trapped in a mirror.  The tale of Dionysus repeated by gypsy legend tells the story of how he became trapped in a mirror by a witch named Mara, the same as the Hindu death-spirit Mara.  Among the Slavic gypsies, Mara or Mora was a destroying Fate-Goddess who rode the night winds and “drank the blood of men.”

Which leads us to vampirism.  “Mirrors were connected with death in many Christian superstitions.  Demons, werewolves, vampires, and such “soulless” creatures show no reflection in a mirror.  Many people still turn mirrors to the wall after a death in the house, in the belief that mirrors trap the souls of the living or detain the souls of the dead on their journey.  Some say one who looks in a mirror in a house of death will see not his own face but the face of the deceased.  Pope John xxII had an inordinate fear of mirrors; he claimed wizards sent devils to attack him through mirrors.”

The esoteric meaning of the mirror was explained long ago by Plotinus:  “Matter serves as a mirror upon which the Universal Soul projects the images or reflections of its creations, and thus gives rise to the phenomena of the sensible universe.”

Buddist aphorism:  “All existence is like a reflection in a mirror, without substance, only a phantom of the mind. When the finite mind acts, then all kinds of things cease.”   (In other words:  the world exists for only those who live and perceive it.)

Mmmmm….does that mean that if no intelligent beings perceived it, the universe would not exist at all?

I may have to reflect on this for a while…


Text source: Book of Myths and Mystery

Eclipse exlipses the others…

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Ah Bella, decisions, decisions….Two thumbs up from the Wit Continuum teen staff members who went to see this film on the first day. (Some ventured out at midnight, and a few at three a.m. showing….true fans!)  Best scene…the newly born vamps emerging from the lake in super creepy fashion…

And…there was lots of Jacob…a plus for us Wits here since we are Team Jacob.

Vampires without Werewolves…

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…thank God!! or in this case, thank the writers of the movie Daybreakers.  This Wit loves a good, thought provoking scary flick now and then, even a bit on the horror side, and this one delivered.  This is a concept I don’t think was done before, at least not in this way.  Set ten years into the future, Daybreakers sets up a world where nearly everyone has become infected with a vampire virus, and they have all the classic vampire traits we know and love: sunlight turns them to ash, no reflection in mirrors, supernatural strength, never aging, eternal life, and can only consume blood for sustenance.  And this is where the story gets interesting…the few human that are left running around are hunted and saved for blood extraction to feed this immense population of monsters…who look pretty cool as everyday (or I should say every-night) citizens (above pic) who purchase a cup of blood like a visit to Starbucks.  But the problem is…they are running out of humans, and thus they are running out of blood, a disaster of world-wide proportion.  This becomes even more problematic when we find out that these lovely vampires turn into horrendous bat-like creatures when they are deprived of a certain amount of blood, and will literally attack their own for a feed.

Ethan Hawk – nice to see him, one of my favorites from 90s films, and Sam Neil is quite believable as a diabolical blood harvester, though he’s not as scary as I would have liked, and, well, got to love Wilhem Defoe, just because he’s Wilhem Defoe.  Nice twist in this flick on the whole take of making blood substitutes for the vampire population, as well as the cure–which was the ultimate twist. I won’t give away what this cure is…simply too ironic.

Daybreakers I found fascinating all through…until the gore-fest climactic scene.  True horror fans will probably laugh through it…but the bath of fake blood and flying limbs got to me.  It’s just not my thing.  But I liked this vamp movie anyway.  After New Moon, I was ripe for some real action with some real interest. …Anyone thirsty?


Vampires…oh, my…

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Thought I’d get a jump on Halloween week with curious and creepy artwork called Vampmob by illustrator Richard Wilkinson.  He has quite a nice collection he’s done for books and publications.  View more of his work here.

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