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She is Melusina…

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In the darkness of the forest the young knight could hear the splashing of the fountain long before he could see the glimmer of moonlight reflected on the still surface.  He was about to step forward, longing to dip his head, drink in the coolness, when he caught his breath at the sight of something dark, moving deep in the water.  There was a greenish shadow in the sunken bowl of the fountain, something like a great fish, something like a drowned body.  Then it moved and stood upright and he saw, frighteningly naked: a bathing woman.  Her skin as she rose up, water coursing down her flanks, was even paler than the white marble bowl, her wet hair dark as a shadow.

She is Melusina, the water goddess, and she is found in hidden springs and waterfalls in any forest in Christendom, even in those as far away as Greece.  She bathes in the Moorish fountains too.  They know her by another name in the northern countries, where the lakes are glazed with ice and it crackles when she rises.  A man may love her if he keeps her secret and lets her alone when she wants to bathe, and she may love him in return until he breaks his word, as men always do, and she sweeps him into the deeps, with her fishy tail, and turns his faithless blood to water.

The tragedy of Melusina, whatever language tells it, whatever tune it sings, is that a man will always promise more than he can do to a woman he cannot understand.

excerpt from The White Queen by Philippa Gregory



We all came in and sat down…

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We all came IN and sat down,
not expecting to be served for free…

but we were.

ONE of us said: This can’t be right? We don’t deserve this.
Another said: Well, of course.
And still another said: We’ve waited so long.
And another drank with me and we didn’t
say a word.

OUTside the night circus set up exotic tents
full of SUNlight and WATER.

I chose a water one, even though I have nightmares
of drowning in dark water…

But the water FILLED tent was clear
and blue and pale and light as vapor sky
and so cool and I relaxed in IT.

I soaked away DARKNESS.

The next DAY we all came together again.
Some of us were tanned from the sun-filled tents,
some, like me, were pale and clear…

as if blessed with purity.



WE did not drink that day.


~mj Rains

Since the stars have fallen…

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Stars_by_DerTyrannSince the stars have fallen from heaven and our highest symbols have pales, a secret life holds sway in the unconscious.  That is why we have psychology today, and why we speak of the unconscious. All this would be quite superfluous in an age or culture that possessed symbols. Symbols are spirit from above, and under those conditions the spirit is above too.  Therefore it would be a foolish and senseless undertaking for such people to wish to experience or investigate an unconscious that contains nothing but silent, undisturbed sway of nature.  Our unconscious, on the other hand, hides living water, spirit that has become nature, and that is why it is disturbed.  Heaven has become for us the cosmic space of the physicians, and the divine empyrean a fair memory of things that once were.  But “the heart glows,” and a secret unrest gnaws at the roots of our being.

~from The Nature and Activity of the Psyche, by C.G. Jung

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Beauty surrounds us…

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Beauty surrounds us
but usually we need to be walking
in a garden to know it.

The body itself is a screen
to shield and partially reveal
the light that’s blazing
inside your presence.

Water, stories, the body,
all things we do, are mediums
that hide and show what’s hidden.

Study them,
and enjoy this being washed
with a secret we sometimes know,
and then not.


Postcards from Rotterdam

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poem by Carolyn Kizer


Came such a long way
To find you–
Over an ocean!
Now only a channel
Separates us.
It is enough.

We are divided by water.
I shed one tear.


Waited for your letter
Until I lost interest.
Then it arrived,
Full of protestations.

Ah no, friend, you woo us with words
Just once.
Then you must lay your body
On the line,
And it isn’t here.


I thought
When the moon was full again
I would be in your arms.

But I’m not.

I’m in somebody else’s arms.
We don’t even glance
At the moon.


Having wonderful time
Coming in from the town.

Having wonderful time
Contemplating the bidet.

Having wonderful time
With the shutters drawn.

Having wonderful time
Converting silver into dross.

Having wonderful time walking around
With a five-pound key in my purse

And a plastic flask full of Holland gin.
I shed one tear.

Wish you were here.
Love, ……….. Carolyn.

Images via Deviant Art

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