Hex…and the number 6

Hex is a word with many deep esoteric undertones….it is the word for a witch’s spell and has a long association with the number six–Greek hex, Latin sex, and Egyptian sexen, “to embrace, to copulate.”  Six was everywhere the number of sex, representing the union between the Triple Goddess and her trident-bearing consort, which is why Christian authorities call six “the number of sin.”  Pythagoreans on the other hand called six the perfect number.

To this day, hex signs are hexagonal like the six-pointed Tantric yantra of love, or Hexagram. (sample above from a Christian church).

A triple six, 666, was the magic number of Triple Aphrodite (or Ishtar). The Book of Revelation calls it the number of the Beast and it is usually referred as the number of  Satan.  Yet recurrences of this number in esoteric traditions are often surprising. For example, the maze at Chartes Catherdral was planned to as to be exactly 666 feet long. (Image below)