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Theme Thursday…my white world…

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Welcome to Halloween week…

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We’ve dug ourselves out from under the staircase ready for our favorite time of year here at Wit. Join me each day for some creepy finds to set your flesh chilling… And prep you for the funnest darkest creepiest scariest, children of the night, get the fuck off my porch, day of the year…

This year I think I’ll walk around the neighborhood dressed like this with my black dire-wolf and try to give candy to all the little Halloweenies…

Care to join me?

Image: Loup, by Zdzislaw Beksinski, 2003


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More snow yet again today…feeling like this…
This is my favorite arctic wolf shot by Jim Brandenburg …loving the white…

When warmed up these will be great…Michael Kors sandals.

Karen Elson and Jack White…


Italian vogue…


a favorite store…

Snow White by Melyannam at Deviant Art

And we’re back in the white snow again….





Red Riding Hood – movie trailer

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Catherine Hardwicke’s sexy and violent adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, called Red Riding Hood, hits theaters on March 11, 2011. This Wit will be there, as my love for various fairy tales is known, and the fairy-tale re-told has a special interest for me.  From this Screencrave article I’ve read, it seems that Hardwicke is clinging to her Twilight roots, and this film reflects that (without vampires, of course).  That’s okay with us here at The Wit Continuum.  The original of the Twilight series was by far the best.  Kudos to C.H.

The cast for Red Riding Hood includes Amanda Seyfried (we love her) in the title character role.  Others include Gary Oldman, Lukas Haas, Virginia Madsen, Billy Burke, and Julie Christie as the grandmother.  Mmmmm……


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Lycaon was an Arcadian sacred king, and considered the ancestor of all “lycanthropes” or werewolves. His totemic form, of course, was the wolf. He was formerly worshipped in the Lyceum or “wolf-temple” where Aristotle taught.

Lycaon seems to have been an earthly incarnation of several elder gods able to assume the form of a wolf, such as Apollo Lycaeus and Zeus Lycaeus.

Source: Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

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