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seeing how the app for WordPress is working…

Unfortunately this is the third try uploading a picture from my iPad …

And it shut off again… Anyone with advice on why this fucking thing isn’t working will be appreciated. I reloaded app which has helped. At least WordPress opens and I can view notifications etc.


Ps: need the stick it to the front page option on app!



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Thanks to all my Wit followers!

I must whine…..

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Or perhaps have a glass…of wine…

Though I’m very happy for another person’s success, however small or large it may be, I can’t help but feel a little dis-enchanted that I’ve been banging at this blogging thing for over three years now, and someone who just started a blog on December 9th or something is on WordPress’s Freshly pressed front page…

Just what does it take…?…

I decided last year that I didn’t give a fuck, but I’m feeling a bit miffed today…

Enough said. I will cease with my whining…thanks for reading if you didn’t click off yet and call me certifiable…Hope all my lovely new followers understand. I do love you all.

Off to do some yoga. I’ll be freshly pressed on my mat shortly.


I love falling snow….

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And I love it on my blog…until January 4….thank you WordPress….

Digital artwork: Knuxz at Deviant Art

2009: A New Venture – A New Journey

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According to the novelist John Gardner, there are just two kinds of stories in literature:  you go on a journey, or a stranger arrives in your world.

The Wit Continuum’s destiny in 2009 is to reap rich rewards by including both of these plotlines in my life story.  So let the brainstorming begin!

What’s the best journey you could choose for yourself – – a journey that will educate, challenge, and delight you?

And what can you do to attract the best kinds of strangers into your world — strangers who will educate, challenge, and delight you?

                 Blogging in this fine WordPress community should do the trick in part. 

                Peace. …….and Happy New Year to all…..


Source: Free Will Astrology

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